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Quinn Halleck

Born and raised in the Northern California town of Sebastopol, Quinn Halleck has developed his early career as a mentee to Michael Bay and assistant within the studio system. Quinn got his start as a producer and director working on documentary projects for Peter Coyote and Jeremy Irons, taking him to Los Angeles in 2019 and becoming a freelance director.

在加利福尼亚北部的Sebastopol镇出生并成长的Quinn Halleck,在成名之前曾作为Michael Bay的门徒和在制片厂系统内担任助理。Quinn的职业生涯始于他为Peter Coyote和Jeremy Irons制作纪录片项目的经历,这使他于2019年前往洛杉矶,并成为一名自由导演。

The Perfect Shot: Antarctica


The Perfect Shot: Antarctica
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