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Raúl Riebenbauer

Raúl Riebenbauer (Valencia, 1969) is a documentary filmmaker, writer and journalist.
One of his main projects is the investigation that he carried out for a decade on one of the last executed in the Franco dictatorship. The result was the non-fiction book The Silence of Georg. In 2021 the definitive version was published in the editorial La Vorágine.
He also investigated the famous photograph of the Capa y Taro militiaman and narrated it in the documentary The Shadow of the Iceberg, co-directed with Hugo Doménech.
During the years of the crisis he lived in Lima (Peru), where he taught documentary and investigative journalism workshops at various universities and institutions. There he was also the author of the book Yachaykusun and co-author of Lessons from the Earth, both commissioned by the Swiss cooperation, on adaptation to climate change in communities.
Since 2017 he is focused on directing documentary films.

Raúl Riebenbauer于1969年出生在西班牙的瓦伦西亚,是一名记者、纪录片导演和作家。近年来,他定居在利马(秘鲁),并在当地教授纪录片创作和新闻调查的课程。2017年以来,他一直从事纪录片的拍摄工作。

Requiem Georg


Requiem Georg
I Was Anderssen


I Was Anderssen
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