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Rakan Mayasi

Rakan Mayasi is an independent filmmaker from Palestine (Director, Writer & Producer), born in Germany and based in Brussels. He studied Cinema, Theatre & Psychology in Lebanon and then received film training at the Asian Film Academy in South Korea. He has written and directed several short films. His previous film ROUBAMA was an official selection at the Locarno Film Festival in 2012. His short film BONBONÉ tackles the phenomenon of Palestinian sperm smuggling from Israeli jails and has 世界首映 World Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017 - it is the recipient of 29 Best Short Awards at international film festivals, namely Küstendorf Film and Music Festival and the 40th Moscow International Film Festival. TRUMPETS IN THE SKY is his fourth short exploring Cinema as a contemplative medium of visual poetry, metaphor, and mythology.THE KEY is Rakan’s latest short,a political/psychological thriller film.

拉坎·玛雅西(Rakan Mayasi)是一位来自巴勒斯坦的独立导演、编剧和制片人,在德国出生并在布鲁塞尔工作。他在黎巴嫩学习了电影、戏剧和心理学,然后在韩国的亚洲电影学院接受了电影培训。他编导了多部短片,前作《Roubama》于2012年入选了洛迦诺电影节。他的短片《Bonboné》探讨了以色列监狱走私巴勒斯坦人精子的现象,并在2017年多伦多国际电影节上首映,在各大国际电影节上获得了29个最佳短片奖项,包括Küstendorf Film and Music Festival和第40届Moscow International Film Festival。《Trumpets in the sky》是他的第四部短片,探索了电影如何作为一种思考性的视觉诗歌、隐喻和神话的媒介。拉坎的新作《The Key》,是一部政治/心理惊悚片。

The Key


The Key
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