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Rene Reinhardt

René Reinhardt graduated from ernst Busch drama school in Berlin with a diploma in acting. He gained his first professional experience at the Berliner Ensemble as well as in films by Rosa von Praunheim and Margaretha von Trotta. Together with Anka Baier, he initiated the theatre and arthouse cinema Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig in 1994. In addition to his theatre work, he has also created cinema projects, including the feature film "Das Monstrum".

René Reinhardt 毕业于柏林恩斯特·布施戏剧学院,获表演文凭。 他的首演经历是参演柏林剧团剧目及罗萨·冯·布劳恩海姆和玛加蕾特·冯·特罗塔导演的电影。1994年,他和Anka Baier 一起创办了位于莱比锡的林登菲尔斯剧场和艺术影院。除剧场工作外,他还开展了一些电影项目的创作,其中包括长篇电影《Das Monstrum》。(申雨夕)

Lines on the Winter Campaign, 1980


Lines on the Winter Campaign, 1980
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