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Rita Ferrando

Rita Ferrando is a Canadian / Argentinian filmmaker. Her work centres on the nature of desire and identity, formal / informal methods of representation, and the language of the uncanny.
Over the years, she has collaborated on a number of films in Canada, Argentina and the HFF in Munich. She previously studied at the National Ballet of Canada before pursuing her Bachelor’s degree at Ryerson University in Film Studies.
Her work has been supported by the National Film Board of Canada, The Canada Arts Council, The Toronto Arts Council, and The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers.
Her first mid-length hybrid documentary entitled Ikebana will be premiering at 25FPS in 2021. Rita is currently in post production for Pleasure Garden, a short narrative film that explores the experience of a woman two days before she undergoes a medical abortion (set to be released in 2021).

Rita Ferrando是一位加拿大/阿根廷导演。她的作品集中在欲望和身份的本质,正式/非正式的表现方法,以及神秘的语言。多年来,她在加拿大、阿根廷和慕尼黑电视与电影大学合作拍摄了多部电影。她曾在加拿大国家芭蕾舞团学习,之后在瑞尔森大学攻读电影研究的学士学位。她的工作得到了加拿大国家电影局、加拿大艺术委员会、多伦多艺术委员会和独立制片人协会的支持。她的第一部中长篇作品《花道》于2021年在25FPS首映。Rita目前正在进行《欢乐园》的后期制作。这是一部叙事短片,探讨了一个女人在进行医学流产前两天的经历(将于2021年上映)。



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