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Rodrigo Faustini

Rodrigo Faustini is a visual artist and researcher (at University of São Paulo) working with videoart, found footage and materialities of analog and digital media. His work has already been exhibited at Images Festival, Anifilm, Stuttgart Filmwinter, File Videoart, Bienal de la imagen en Movimiento, Ars Eletronica and Annecy Animation Festival (Off Limits Award 2018).

Rodrigo Faustini是一位视觉艺术家与研究者(圣保罗大学),他常使用有关视频艺术、既有影片以及胶片和数字媒体的素材。他的作品曾在多处展出,包括 Images Festival、Anifilm、Stuttgart Filmwinter、File Videoart、活动影像双年展、Ars Eletronica以及安纳西动画电影节。

Boy transcoded from phosphene


Boy transcoded from phosphene
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