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Sacha Teboul

Sacha is 27 years old and was born in Paris. When he was 18 he entered Les Beaux-Arts de Paris. As a visual artist, he developed installations in which he gradually included actors. After a year spent in Santiago de Chile, he was admitted to la Femis in the film direction department in 2019.

萨沙·特布尔(Sacha Teboul),27岁,出生在巴黎。18岁时,他进入了巴黎国立高等美术学院。作为一名视觉艺术家,他开发了一些逐渐包含演员的装置艺术。在圣地亚哥度过一年后,他于2019年被法国国立影音学院(La Fémis)的电影导演系录取。

Green Eyes


Green Eyes
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