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Samuel Albaric

After studying at the Beaux-arts de Cergy, I realized my first film Gaza, Souvenirs (2008). I then directed a film for the television Star and men (2009).At the same time, I am a photographer and press iconographer. I realize a lot of institutional films in the social field for a long time. Then in 2012, I develop a web documentary on the homeless with the Fondation Abbé Pierre in partnership with the CNC. I then entered the Master Pro professions of documentary film of the University of Aix en Provence to finalize my training in documentary and specify my writing. In 2013, I completely abandon photography to devote myself to the realization of my projects. In 2017, I work on an adaptation of the Odyssey with migrants, and I sign two films for France 2 around the issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

在塞尔吉美术学院学习之后,塞缪尔-阿尔巴里奇(Samuel Albaric)拍摄了第一部电影《Gaza, Souvenirs》(2008)。接着,他导演了一部电视电影《Star and men》(2009)。 同时,他还是一名摄影师和新闻制图师,长期以来与许多机构合作,制作了一系列讨论社会问题的电影。在2012年,塞缪尔与阿贝·皮埃尔(Abbé Pierre)基金会合作,在法国国家电影和视听中心(CNC)的支持下制作了一部关于无家可归者的网络纪录片。接着,他进入了普罗旺斯艾克斯大学攻读纪录片专业硕士,以获得纪录片制作方面的专业培训并明确个人创作方向。2013年,塞缪尔彻底放弃摄影,专注于制作个人项目。2017年,他致力于将《Odyssey》改编为一个与移民相关的作品,并与法国电视二台签约,制作了两部有关黎巴嫩叙利亚难民问题的电影。

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Europe by bidon
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