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Shirley Bruno

Born in New York, Shirley Bruno is an American-Haitian filmmaker. She started out as a documentary filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist before enrolling at the London Film School (United Kingdom), where she obtained a Master’s degree with distinction. Her approach is inward-looking, philosophical, transcendent and largely inspired by the heritage and folklore traditions of Haiti. Her films generally deal with the space between myth and history, corporality and spirit, and are influenced by Caribbean animist philosophy.

Shirley Bruno生于纽约,是一名美国-海地裔电影人。 她最初是纪实电影制片人和多学科艺术家,后就读于伦敦电影学院硕士。 她的影像灵感主要来自海地民俗传统,风格内向,富有哲理,超然于世。 她的电影涉及神话与历史、肉体和精神之间的空间,深受加勒比区域万物有灵论哲学的影响。

An Excavation of Us


An Excavation of Us
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