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Shun Ikezoe

Shun Ikezoe is a filmmaker and artist born in Kagawa and raised in Osaka, Japan. Shun makes works by collecting individual voices and memories and reconstructing them into an universal voice. His film Jujuba (2018) about his life with his Chinese stepmother screened at numerous film festivals including Hong Kong International Film Festival and won the Award for Excellence at Image Forum Festival. See you in my dreams (2020) was about his grandmother who raised him and has screened at festivals including International Film Festival Marseille. In his new film What is it that you said? (2021), made in life during the pandemic, Shun turned to listen to the inner voices and lives around him. The film will world premiere at New York Film Festival. Shun has also exhibited works in galleries and museums and recently participated in Until it gets dark at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

池添俊(Shun lkezoe)是一名电影创作者、艺术家。他出生于日本香川县,在大阪长大。Shun收集个体声音和记忆并进行再创作,将个体的声音转换为群体的声音。他的代表作《Jujuba》(2018)讲述了他与自己中国继母的故事。这部电影在包括香港国际电影节在内的多个电影节中放映,并在映像论坛电影节中斩获优秀作品奖。他在2020年发布的作品《See you in my dreams》中讲述了他与养育他的祖母之间的故事,这部电影在包括法国马赛国际纪录片电影节在内的多个电影节中上映。他的新作《What is it said?》(2021)是在疫情期间创作的。这部电影中,Shun转而倾听自己的内心和周遭的一切。这部电影在纽约电影节上首映。Shun还在一些美术馆和博物馆中展映了这部作品。(舒岚)

What is it that you said?


What is it that you said?
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