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Sidi Saleh

Sidi Saleh was born in Jakarta-Indonesia on April 5th 1979. He received a bachelor’s degree in cinematography from the Jakarta Institute of Arts. Since he graduated from university. He has credits for some experimental feature film as a cinematographer such as Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly (the Fipresci Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2009), Postcard from the Zoo (in Competition at the Berlinale Film Festival 2012) and one of short films title is Kara - the Daughter of a Tree (Cannes Director’s Fortnight 2005). Sidi made his directorial debut with 2011’s Full Moon, one of short film segment in omnibus Belkibolang and thenceforth continuing his career as a film director. In 2013, he participated in film workshops at Berlinale Talent Campus. Sidi’s third short film Fitri was in competition at the Clermont Ferrand International Film Festival 2014. His next short film, Maryam, won the best short film at the 71° Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica Film Festival 2014 in Venice.

Sidi Saleh于1979年4月5日出生在印度尼西亚的雅加达。他在雅加达艺术院校获得了电影摄影的学士学位。在毕业之后,他为一些实验电影长片担任了摄影的工作,包括《失明的猪也想飞》(获得了2009年洛迦诺国际电影节的费比西奖)、《来自动物园的明信片》(2012年柏林电影节主竞赛),还有短片作品《Kara - the Daughter of a Tree》(2005年戛纳电影节的导演双周单元)。Sidi在2011年推出了自己的导演处女作《满月》,是在短片合集电影《Belkibolang》中的一个部分,从那之后他继续着自己的导演生涯。2013年,他参与了柏林电影节的天才训练营。Sidi的第三部短片《Fitri》入选了2014年克莱蒙费朗电影节的竞赛单元。他的后一部短片《玛利亚姆》,在2014年的第71届威尼斯电影节上夺得了最佳短片奖。



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