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Sohil Vaidya

Sohil is a writer and director based in Pune and Los Angeles. He has won the Grand Prix for Best Short Film at Melbourne International Film Festival for his film Murmurs of the Jungle and the Directors Guild of America's Award for his thesis film 'Difficult People. Sohil's films have been screened at more than 90 Internatiopnal Film Festivals such as Rotterdam(IFFR), Melbourne(MIFF), Athens(AIFVF), IFFI(Indian Panorama), Palm Springs, Rhode Island International, Edmonton International, LA Asian Pacific, Dharamshala (DIFF), Kerala (IDSFFK), Newyork Indian Film Festival and have been acquired by multiple online platforms. Sohil is a BAFTA Fellow for their newcomer's program in Los Angeles. He graduated from the University of Southern California(USC) Film School with MFA in Film/TV Directing.

At USC, Sohil was chosen to co-direct an episode for a Warner Brothers Studios-funded project, 'Samir'. Sohil is currently working on making his first feature film.

Sohil Vaidya是一名作家和导演。他的电影《Murmurs of the Jungle》在墨尔本国际电影节上获得了最佳短片大奖,他的毕业作品《Difficult People》获得了美国导演协会奖。 Sohil的电影已经在鹿特丹、墨尔本、雅典、棕榈泉等90多个国际电影节上放映,并被多个网络平台收购。Sohil是英国电影学院奖在洛杉矶的新人计划的研究员。他毕业于南加州大学电影学院,并在此获得了电影/电视导演硕士学位。
 在南加州大学学习期间,Sohil被选为华纳兄弟制片厂资助项目 " Samir "的联合导演。Sohil目前正致力于制作他的第一部长片。 (Yuchen Lu)

Murmurs of the Jungle


Murmurs of the Jungle
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