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Stefano P. Testa

Stefano P. Testa was born in 1988. He lives and works in Bergamo (Italy) as director, camera operator, video editor, colorist and post production technician. He collaborates with Lab 80 film and Bergamo Film Meeting in documentary films production. His first film, Moloch (2017, 82’), won the Best Documentary Award at 23rd edition of Visioni Italiane in Bologna. The Second Principle of Hans Liebschner (2020, 88’), won the Prospettive Award at the 40th Filmmaker Festival in Milan, the Popular Jury Award at the 36th Linea D’Ombra Film Festival in Salerno, the Audience Award and Best Editing Award at Documentaria in Palermo. Dear Monster (2023, 16’) has been selected for the 30th edition of Sheffield DocFest.

斯特凡诺·P·泰斯塔(Stefano P. Testa)生于1988年,居住在意大利贝加莫,是一位导演、摄影师、视频编辑、调色师和后期制作技术人员。他与Lab 80电影和贝加莫电影节在纪录片制作方面进行合作。他的第一部电影《Moloch》(2017年,82分钟)在博洛尼亚第23届Visioni Italiane电影节上获得了最佳纪录片奖。《The Second Principle of Hans Liebschner》(2020年,88分钟)在米兰第40届Filmmaker Festival上获得了前景奖,在萨莱尔诺第36届 Linea D’Ombra Film Festival获得了观众评审奖,以及在巴勒莫纪录片电影节上获得了观众奖和最佳编辑奖。《Dear Monster》(2023年,16分钟)已入选第30届谢菲尔德纪录片电影节。

Dear Monster


Dear Monster
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