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Sun Boyi


Sun Boyi is a post-90s independent filmmaker,artist and curator.
Sun's practice interests have always revolved around the creative development of 'feeling' in film practice as a tool that can promote 'mutual understanding' between societies and even species, and help to break down 'boundaries'. Influenced by Taoist and Heideggerian‘s thoughts, she is particularly adept at using allegorical techniques to expose social issues through the trivial experiences of everyday human life.

孙搏一,90 后独立电影人,艺术家,策展人。她的实践兴趣始终围绕着将“感觉”在电影实践中创造性的发展作为一种可以促进社会间甚至物种之间“相互理解”,并有助于打破“隔阂”的工具。受道家和海德格尔思想的影响,她尤其擅长寓言式的,借助于日常活中的琐碎经历对社会问题进揭露。

A Truth Hunter


A Truth Hunter
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