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Thomas Trichet

After graduating with honors from the french applied art school ENSAAMA, Thomas Trichet began in 2017 his studies in Animation at the School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) of Paris. In 2019, he directed his first animated film, “Le Taxi de Sun City”, entirely made from 3D scans. The film, selected in several festivals (including the « Lab Competition » of the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival) will be broadcast by the TV channel’s Arte and awarded the Aid after realization of the CNC. His second project, also started in 2019, is a 2D animation series, “Meet Doug”, which is currently being rewritten and for which he has directed the pilot. During his studies, he met Martin Maire and Théo Jollet, with whom he collaborates closely ever since. Together, they founded the collective of directors JTM, feeding their projects with a variety of mediums such as 3D, video or drawing.

托马·特里什(Thomas Trichet)在法国应用艺术学校(ENSAAMA)以优异成绩毕业后,于2017年开始在巴黎装饰艺术学院(ENSAD)攻读动画专业。2019年,他执导了自己的第一部动画电影《Le Taxi de Sun City》,该片完全采用3D扫描制作。这部电影入选了多个电影节(包括克莱蒙费朗国际短片电影节的“实验竞赛单元”),并将在Arte电视频道播出,还获得了法国国家电影和视听中心(CNC)的制片资助。他在2019年开始了第二个项目,一部2D系列动画《Meet Doug》,目前正在进行改编,并且他已经执导了试播集。在学习期间,他结识了马汀·梅勒(Martin Maire)和泰奥·若莱(Théo Jollet),自那时以来一直与他们密切合作。他们共同创建了导演集体JTM,利用各种媒介如3D、视频或绘画来丰富他们的项目。

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Europe by bidon
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