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Tintin Wulia

Tintin Wulia was trained as a composer (BMus, Berklee College of Music, 1997) and architect (BEng, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, 1998). After more than a decade of exhibiting internationally, she received her PhD in Art (RMIT University, 2014). She works with video, installation, drawings, painting, sound, dance, text, performance and public interventions. Her works, addressing sociopolitical issues particularly of mobility and border crossings, are often articipatory. She has shown in major exhibitions including Istanbul Biennale (2005), Yokohama Triennale (2005), Jakarta Biennale (2009), Moscow Biennale (2011), Gwangju Biennale (2012), Asia Pacific Triennale (2012), Sharjah Biennale (2013) and Venice Biennale (2017). She is a recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts' Creative Australia Fellowship 2014-16, a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow 2018, and currently a postdoctoral researcher at Centre on Global Migration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (2018-20).

Tintin Wulia通过学习成为了作曲家(1997年在伯克利音乐学院)和建筑家(1998年在万隆天主教大学)。在十多年的海外展览之后,她于2014年在RMIT大学取得了艺术博士学位。她的创作有关于视频、装置、绘画、声音、舞蹈、文字、表演以及公共干预。她的作品主要着眼于社会阶层人民流动以及穿越边境,展现了社会政治议题,经常具有很强的艺术参与性。她在多个展览中都有所参与:2005年的伊斯坦布尔双年展和横滨三年展、2009年的雅加达双年展、2011年的莫斯科双年展、2012年的光州双年展和亚太三年展、2013年的沙迦双年展和2017年的威尼斯双年展。她在2014到16年担任澳大利亚艺术委员会授予的创意澳大利亚研究员,2018年史密森尼艺术调查研究员,现在在瑞典的哥德堡大学进修关于世界范围内移民议题的博士后。



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