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Tomás Paula Marques

Tomás Paula Marques (she/they, b.1994) is a visual artist from Porto, Portugal. Graduated in Directing and Cinematography, postgraduated in Sociology and with a Master in Filmmaking, Paula Marques directed the films IN CASE OF FIRE (2019), BLINDMAN’S BUFF (2021), WHEN WE DEAD AWAKEN (2022) and DILDOTECTONICS (2023). The characters in her films tend to face difficulties when questioning or breaking expectations of gender and sexuality. These themes are informed by her lived experience and by a historical and sociological research, which is part of her practice.

托马斯·保拉·马克斯(Tomás Paula Marques)生于1994年,是来自葡萄牙波尔图的视觉艺术家。她主修导演和摄影,并获得社会学的研究生学位,以及电影制作的硕士学位。保拉·马克斯执导的电影包括《In case of fire》(2019年)、《Blindman's buff》(2021年)、《When we dead awaken》(2022年)和《Dildotectionics》(2023年)。她电影中的角色往往在质疑或打破性别和性取向的期望时面临困境。这些主题既受她的亲身经历影响,也受到历史和社会学研究的启发,这也是她创作的一部分。



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