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Tommaso CotroneI

Tommaso Cotronei was born in a small town in Calabria, in Southern Italy, where, still very young, started to work in the fields with his parents in the rural countryside. Struck by a place that gives no hopes but backbreaking labour, no chances of wishing for something different, Cotronei finds the strength to flee from his situation at 21. He spends several years looking for something that would suit his hopes while temporarly working as a manual worker in Northern Europe. He gets into the humanities, helping him finding some stability in life. He attends classes at the Philosophy Dpt. at University of Rome La Sapienza, without graduating. In 1993 he luckily becomes Film Director Vittorio De Seta's assistant.

托马索·科特罗内(Tommaso Cotronei)出生在意大利南部卡拉布里亚地区的一个小镇,在那里,他很小的时候就开始和父母一起在乡村农田里劳作,在一个没有希望,只有劳累工作,没有机会梦想改变的地方。科特罗内在21岁时找到了逃离的勇气,他在北欧做临时手工工人的同时,花了几年时间寻找答案。后来,他投身于人文学科,在罗马大学智者拉萨皮恩扎大学哲学系上了一些课,但没有毕业。在1993年,他有幸成为电影导演维托里奥·德·塞塔(Vittorio De Seta)的助手。



Ismael - Allah - Che


Ismael - Allah - Che
伊斯梅尔 - 安拉 - 切
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