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Urte Alfs


Urte Alfs (1980) is a filmmaker, media artist and film editor. She studied at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF and the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Searching for the possibilities of film narration she is dealing with the discarded, the recovered and the term of the archive. She is part of CALL, an art group working on art and feminism.

乌尔特·阿弗斯是一位电影作者,新媒体艺术家和剪辑师。她就读于巴贝尔斯贝格电影大学和科隆媒体艺术学院。她以废弃、回收物件和广义上的文献为素材,探索着电影叙事的可能性。她同时也是女性主义艺术团体 CALL的一员。

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