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Verena Repar

Completing high school in southern Austria, she ventured to Vienna's University of Applied Arts to study graphic design. A pivotal year abroad in Portugal awakened her profound fascination with film, animation, and the dynamic world of moving images.Her artistic journey thrives on the seamless interplay of color and form, crafting a synesthetic visual vocabulary that forms the bedrock of her creative expression. She delves into the intricacies of the human experience, exploring the profound, intangible aspects of life, love, death, and the multifaceted web of connections that unite humanity. Her art becomes a vessel for the unspoken, the subtle, and the universal, speaking to the very essence of what it means to be human.

在完成了奥地利南部的高中学业后,维雷娜·雷帕尔(Verena Repar)前往维也纳应用艺术大学学习平面设计。在葡萄牙度过的的一年唤醒了她对电影、动画和动态影像世界的深刻迷恋。她的艺术之旅以色彩和形式的无缝互动为基础,打造出一个感官的视觉词汇,构成了她创造性表达的基石。她深入探讨人类经验的复杂性,探索生命、爱、死亡以及将人类联系在一起的多层面的纽带。她的艺术成为表达未言之事、微妙之感和普世情感的容器,直击人类作为人的本质。

echoes of grief


echoes of grief
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