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Việt Vũ

Việt VŨ is a Vietnamese filmmaker. In 2018, he released his first short Ant-Man. In 2019, he joined the DocNomads programme. His second film, the short documentary An Act of Affection (2020) premiered at Locarno. The Eternal Springtime (2021) is his third film, with its world premiere at Rotterdam International Film Festival

Việt VŨ是一名越南导演。2018年,他发布了他的第一部短片《蚁人》。2019年,他加入了DocNomads计划。他的第二部电影,纪录短片《感情的行为》(2020)在洛迦诺首映。《永远的春日》(2021)是他的第三部电影,在鹿特丹国际电影节上全球首映。

The Eternal Springtime


The Eternal Springtime
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