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Wang Yuchen


director and screenwriter, born in Shanghai in 1994. Now live and work in Shanghai. He became a neighbor to the cinema since 2000 and grew up in a video store. As the desire to create became more and more intense and the physiological needs began to contact the outside world, he started creating both picture and literature in 2013. His works have been selected into Experimental Unit of China Independent Film Festival, Fiction Unit of Beijing Independent Film Festival, American Cutting Edge Film Festival, etc. In 2016 he won the New Star Arts Festival Jury Nomination Prize. The same year, “Exhibition of Shanghai Idiot: Wang Yuchen's Image” was held in the Gallery of Nanjing University of the Arts. His image works are invited for academic exchange and exhibition in many art institutions, among which, in 2018, he is invited to attend the group exhibition of "New Image of China: New Attitude since 2010".

导演,编剧,1994 年出生,上海人。现生活、工作于上海。 2000 年与电影成为邻居,音像店长大。由于创作欲望的愈加强烈和生理需求开始接触外界,2013年开始进行影像及文字创作。作品曾先后入围中国独立影像展实验单元、北京独立影像展剧情单元、美国Cutting Edge电影节等。2016年获新星星艺术节评委会提名奖,同年在南京艺术学院美术馆做“上海戆大:王育臣影像展”。其影像作品受邀于多家艺术机构作学术交流放映,其中2018年受邀参加“中国新影像:2010年以来的新态度”群展。

Snake in home


Snake in home
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