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Weerapat Sakolvaree

Weerapat Sakolvaree is a 19-year-old artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. Currently studying in Cinematic Arts at Chulalongkorn University. In the filmmaking area, his works largely focus on politics and landscapes in films. His films have screened and won multiple awards from both domestic and overseas, and were lectured in 3 renowned universities in Thailand. Apart from the filmmaking area, he's also working as an independent writer, photographer, a band manager, and a co-founder of The Basement TH collective group.

韦拉帕特·萨库尔瓦雷(Weerapat Sakolvaree)是一位19岁的艺术家,目前居住在泰国曼谷。他于朱拉隆功大学攻读电影艺术专业。在电影制作领域,他的作品主要关注政治和电影中的景观。他的电影在国内外多次展映并获得多个奖项,并在泰国的三所知名大学进行讲座。除了导演身份,他还是一位独立作家、摄影师、乐队经理等。



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