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Wency Zhang


Wency Zhang(1992) is an independent film maker and visual artist. She achieved her MFA degree in School of the Art Institute of Chicago. During her studying time, she finished an experimental documentary essay film A Letter from Huami and it was pre-selected by Visions du Reel in 2020 and part of the semi-final list of 47th Student Academy Awards competition. Now she lives in Shanghai and is working on her first non-fiction films.

张文倩,毕业于芝加哥艺术学院,并获得电影和新媒体硕士学位。热衷于以影像来探讨真实和虚构的边界。短片《2069,花咪来信》 是她和电影搭档黄玥完成的第一部以记录影像完成虚构述说的作品。短片曾入围了法国尼翁真实电影节的预选和美国好莱坞学生竞赛单元的半决赛。目前她长居上海,创作自己的长片纪录片。

A Letter from Huami


A Letter from Huami
2069 花咪来信
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