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Whammy Alcazaren

WHAMMY ALCAZAREN is a director and multi-awarded production designer. He is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Film Institute, the Mowelfund Film Institute, and a participant of the 2013 13 Little Pictures Film lab in Singapore and the 2016 Festival Belluard Bollwek Watch and talk Residency in Switzerland. As production designer, he is a frequent collaborator with directors Carlo Manatad (WHETHER THE WEATHER IS FINE), Raya Martin (DEATH OF NINTENDO), and Sam Manacsa (CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE).FISTING: NEVER TEAR US APART was his third feature film for which he won various local awards in the Philippines. He recently made his very first short film, BOLD EAGLE, to huge success winning Best International Short at the Fantasia Film Festival 2023 and was part of the Currents Section of the 61st New York Film Festival. He is currently in development of his 4th feature film.

维米·阿尔卡扎伦(Whammy Alcazaren)是一位导演和制片人。他毕业于菲律宾大学电影学院,莫维尔电影基金会电影学院,并参与了2013年在新加坡举办的13 Little Pictures电影实验室和2016年瑞士Watch and talk驻地计划。作为制片人,他和不同导演合作,制作了《Whether the weather is fine》、《Death of Nintendo》、《Cross my heart and hope to die》。 最近,他完成了他的第一部短片《Bold Eagle》。该片在2023年加拿大奇幻电影节上获得了最佳国际短片奖,并入选了第61届纽约电影节的Currents单元。目前,他正在制作第四部长片项目。

Bold Eagle


Bold Eagle
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