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William Hong-xiao Wei

I earned my Doctorate and a Master’s degree with Distinction in Film Studies from the University of Edinburgh, where I have also taught cinema. My doctoral thesis, entitled Contemporary Poetic Cinema through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Poetics, examines contemporary poetic cinema on a global scale. Beyond the realm of academia, I am an active practitioner in avant-garde filmmaking. My debut short film, Green Thoughts (2020), premiered at FIDMarseille in the competitive programmes of Compétition Premier Film and Compétition Flash. My second short film Embers from Yesterday, Aflame.(2022), distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinéma, premiered at the Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris. My films have been showcased at renowned film festivals in Buenos Aires, Glasgow, Hawick, İstanbul, London, Marseille, Montréal, Moscow, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Thessaloniki, Toronto, and many others, furthering my exploration of the intersection between film theory and film practice.

魏洪萧在爱丁堡大学取得了电影学硕士学位和博士学位,后留校教授电影课程。他的博士论文题为《Contemporary Poetic Cinema through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Poetics,》,探讨了全球范围内的当代诗意电影。在学术领域之外,他活跃于前卫电影制作领域。第一部短片《Green Thoughts 》(2020)在马赛国际电影节上首映。第二部短片《 Embers from Yesterday, Aflame》(2022),由法国Collectif Jeune Cinéma发行,首映于巴黎多样与实验电影节。

Embers from Yesterday, Aflame.


Embers from Yesterday, Aflame.
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