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Wilmarc Val

Wilmarc Val was born in Dessalines, a commune in Haiti. He arrived in France at the age of 4 and grew up in Seine Saint-Denis. Since childhood, he has had a passion for astronomy, then for cinema, a love with which he renewed at the end of his journalism studies. He made several school films during his studies in the Faculty of Cinema. Since then he has continued to explore his favourite themes: time, origins and the invisible. He directed a short film entitled Before the lights go out in which Raphaël Thiery plays an old showman stuck between his merry-go-round and his memories. At the same time he completed his short documentary film Bravewhich was pre-purchased by France 3, echoing his family history and voodoo.

Wilmarc Val 出⽣在海地的⼀个公社 Dessalines。他 4 岁来到法国,在塞纳圣丹尼长⼤。从孩提时代起,他就对天⽂学充满热情,然后是电影。在他结束对新闻学的学习时,他重新燃起了对电影的热爱。在电影学院学习期间,他拍摄了⼏部校园电影作品。从那以后,他继续探索他最喜欢的主题:时间、起源和隐形。他导演了⼀部名为《在灯光熄灭之前》的短⽚,其中Raphaël Thiery 扮演⼀位年⽼的杂耍演员,被困在旋转⽊马和他的回忆之间。同时,他完成了由法国电视三台预购的纪录短⽚《勇者》,呼应了他的家族史和伏都教(尤指在海地奉⾏的⼀种宗教,其活动包含魔法和巫术)。



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