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Yao Kuo-Chen


Kuo-Chen Yao majored in set design and graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts. Then he became the production designer of all kinds of films, including experimental, independent and commercial ones. He has shown his unique visual aesthetic style in the films “Gatao 2 – The New Leader Rising”, “More Than Blue” and “Your Name Engraved Herein”.

For the past few years, he has been a director of music videos and known for the subtle feelings and depiction of humanity. A pioneer of monologues, he tries to build an imaginary world based on the dialogical relationship between time, space and humanity. With his unique thinking of life and observation on humanity, he presents his question through his films. He is never in a hurry to get an answer but tries to guide his works and himself with the life journey. He has been nominated for Best Music Video at Golden Melody Awards and Best Art & Design at Golden Bell Awards.


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