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Yusuf Demirors

Yusuf Demirors was born in Turkey (1997), where he started his journey as a lens-based artist through film photography and alternative printing techniques. He is currently a sociology PhD student at The New School of Social Research, where he is researching the social relations of production entailed by gendered materialities under contemporary capitalism through an interdisciplinary lens. His experimental work in filmmaking and photography often explores themes of immigration, ecological imaginaries, and post-industrial landscapes as ways of resituating our knowledge of the material world around us.

尤斯福·德米罗斯(Yusuf Demirors)于1997年出生在土耳其,他通过胶片摄影和替代性印刷技术开始了作为镜头艺术家的旅程。目前,他在社会研究新学院学习,通过跨学科的视角研究当代资本主义下由性别物质性所带来的社会生产关系。他在电影制作和摄影方面的实验作品经常探索移民、生态想象和后工业景观等主题。

Touch the Water


Touch the Water
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