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Zhanyan Zhang 张展嫣

Zhanyan Zhang, known as Tian, a versatile artist known for her evocative and introspective mixed-media artworks. Born in 2000 in Wenzhou and raised in Shanghai, currently base in London. Tian developed a deep appreciation for art from a young age, mainly influenced by Dadaism, Surrealism and Absurdism. Tian holds a Bachelor of Design for Art Direction degree from London College of Communication, UAL. Her multidisciplinary approach encompasses 3d art, moving image, photography, sculpture, installation and AI generating, allowing her to explore diverse themes and push artistic boundaries.

Inspired by Posthumanism and Post-modernism, Tian’s work often explores the future relationship between human and nature, the future form of human life. Her distinctive aesthetic style combines vibrant colors, extracted forms of flora and fauna as inspiration to create a more diverse range of imaginary creatures by hybridization and fusion.
Throughout her career, Tian has exhibited her artwork in London and Shanghai.



PP Land II - Pilgrimage to Dragon Fruit Buddhist


PP Land II - Pilgrimage to Dragon Fruit Buddhist
PP 乐园 II - 火龙果教朝圣之旅
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