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Pooja Gurung & Bibhusan Basnet



No Dialogue




A woman from a married couple in a remote mountainous village is so distracted by the memory of her dead neighbors. She wants the presence of people she once knew so well, and forces her husband to make a replica of the figures of those people with her. So, be the wooden dolls that feel alive and it brings back their neighbors. The retrieval of the dead leads to their decision to choose whether to stay or leave with the spirits ... A narrative upon the myths of the dead in poetic images with musical sounds and performative scenes.

一位来自偏远山区的已婚女子被关于已逝邻居们的记忆不断分心着。 她希望自己曾经熟识的人能存在,并强迫丈夫与她一起复制这些人的形象。 因此,她制造有活力的木制娃娃,希望它能带回他们的邻居。 对已逝者的挽回影响着他们选择停留还是离开他们的灵魂的决定……一段带有音乐声和行为场景的故事,用诗意画面叙述关于死亡的神话。

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Pooja Gurung & Bibhusan Basnet

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