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Konstantinos Stathis



Modern Greek (1453-)

Later on that day


World Premiere

Those two would really like to stop and pretty soon they will.
The landscape does not have a name as they neither do.
This day lasts long, every hour looks like the other and night doesn’t fall. Then they meet two kids with guns, two women that have been lost together inside the same opera and two men that exist separately inside the same music.
They are forced to rest. They decide to change roles so they can continue their walk. They lose their image and they find their proper voice.
They recall at once everything that happened during that endless day
and they give a name to this landscape.

两个男人一直走,一直走,他们真的很想停下来,不久之后他们将会停下来。这个地方没有名字,他们俩也没有名字。白昼无比漫长,似乎每个小时都和上一个小时没什么不同,夜幕始终没有来临。后来他们遇见两个拿着枪的小孩,两个迷失在同一部歌剧的女人,两个独自沉醉在同一首音乐里的男人。他们不得不停下来休息。他们决定交换身份,这样他们就可以继续前行。他们丢弃了自己的形象,找到了合适的声音。他们立刻回忆起这漫长的一天中发生的一切,然后他们给这个地方取了个名字。 (常瑞)

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Konstantinos Stathis

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