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Cahyo Prayogo



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Placing the camera on the body of the pigeon to record the scene from the sky, Sapu Angin presents an experimental language through deformalized visual. It conceptually combines the two type of imagery-forms: the first, the one non-structural and unpredictable in perceptual senses (because the image capture was left entirely to the trajectory of the fluttering of the bird’s wings), and the second, the visual form that is measurable in anatomical logics—the constant motion of the pigeon’s wings have been scientifically proved to have a certain pattern.The production based on the combination of such contradictory conceptions, in fact, draws a critical reflection of technological development of contemporary recording devices, in which the combination of action-cams, mobile apps, and unmanned aerial vehicles commercially emerge to meet our imagination of the sophisticated moving images.

Sapu Angin将相机放在鸽子的身体上以记录天空的景象,通过非形式化的视觉效果呈现了一种实验语言。 它概念性地结合了两种图像形式:第一类是非结构性且在感知上是不可预测的(因为图像捕获的过程完全取决于鸽子振翼的轨迹),第二类是在结构逻辑上可预见的视觉形式—鸽子翅膀的恒定运动已经被科学地证明具有一定的模式。基于这些矛盾概念的结合,这项制作事实上对当代记录设备的技术发展进行了关键的呈现。 其中,动作摄像头、移动应用程序和无人飞行器的商业化的出现,满足了我们对复杂运动图像的想象。

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Cahyo Prayogo

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