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沈蕊兰 Ruilan Shen


Singapore, China

Chinese Dialect

Trip to lost days



Train attendant Xiao He just quit his job and decided to to become a monk. Sometimes in his dreams, he would return to the train from his previous life, on never-ending rails, moving between compartments and entering the memories of the train passengers. During a late summer storm, Xiao He goes to look for a good friend who had already become a monk, yet the changes in his hometown leave him at a loss as to what to do.He takes a road that will leave him marooned, Deep in the mountains he will find himself in a cave, where the train that keeps appearing in his memories is becoming increasingly lucid. Everything that has happened to him are like dots that are connected by a mysterious line, making time seem as if it has never existed at all.


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沈蕊兰 Ruilan Shen

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