野草莓奇幻影展特别展映Special Screening Fragaria

Special screening
fantasy short films



野草莓奇幻影展特别展映 今年BISFF与野草莓奇幻影展联合推出的特别单元,将会为影迷带来风格奇诡的奇幻短片。

Fragaria International Fantastic Film Festival · Official Selection
Special screening program hosted by Fragaria IFFF, in the collaboration with BISFF, which is all about fantasy short films.

​“野草莓” Fragaria 国际组 International


The Flapping of the Hummingbird

马瑞特斯尔·A·瓦尔斯 Meritxell A. Valls

 西班牙 Spain/2017/14min


Einstein used to say that we are moving in a 4-dimensional universe. Three of which, spatial. One... Temporary. This last one can only be experienced in one direction. Therefore, we can only walk forward. But, what if we could go back? After a car accident, Fran has the opportunity to go back in time and choose again his past.



玛加莉·马吉斯特里  Magali Magistry

法国 France /2017/13min


The Smog blanketed the planet forcing people to live confined. But when you are 15 like Juliette, real life truly begins outside.  



圣地亚哥·蒙吉米 Santiago Menghini

加拿大 Canada /2018/10min


On a late night, a young teen goes into the kitchen for a glass of milk. Upon encountering his sleepless mother, he quickly realizes things are not as they seem.



胡安·帕布洛·穆诺兹 Juan Pablo MUÑOZ

智利 Chile /2017/20min


It’s been several days of cross-country for Miguel and his father. They can’t find any animals to hunt in the wild. Miguel enters the forest during the night, finding a strange monster that dwells there. He decides not to reveal the episode. Miguel is torn between his deepest fears and the desire to be a “real man”, putting his own identity and nature in question.



利蒂西娅·贝里西尼 Leticia Belliccini

法国 France /2018/15min


One evening in Autumn, Mallard and his wife are assaulted at the corner of a street.
There ensued an infernal race where he will be successively the witness, the author and the victim of what would prove to be the key of its existence .


The Invaders

马特奥·马尔格兹 Mateo Marquez

美国 USA /2017/7min


Jayla, a Muslim girl, notices that she is being followed on her way home. Terror and confusion take over as Jayla struggled to escape the powerful force that is menacing her. As Anti-Muslim sentiments spread through Western societies, this film imagines a not too distant future, in which an exaggerated fear of Islam has created systems without any moral or humanitarian regard.



加斯特·菲利波特 Just Philippot

法国 France /2018/8min


A disturbing cloud has shaped up somewhere in the west. It slowly goes back to the center of the country, throwing the population on the roads. Towards the inexorable advance of the cloud, it is the general panic. This cumulus is acid.

​“野草莓” Fragaria 华语组 Chinese


The Sleepless Girl

张凡夕 François Chang

法国、日本 France Japan/2018/39min

在巴黎学习电影的中国留学生François 在网络上发现一支奇怪的灵异视频,一直坚信此类事件的他决定飞去东京寻找视频中的女孩。然而事件的严重性超乎想象,拯救这个女孩还是拯救我们的世界?François将不得不面对一个两难的选择…

影片采用伪纪录手法,全程使用iphone 7以及go pro拍摄。

Chinese filmmaker François Chang studies in Paris. One day, he saw on YouTube a video of a Japanese girl involved in a paranormal event. He decided to look for her in Japan and to record everything.

The film is entirely shot on iphone 7 and go pro.


Music in the Lung

张馨丹 Zhang Xindan

美国 USA/2017/28min

达米安回家探望母亲, 遇到陌生邻居黛⻄在照顾生病的母亲。难以捉摸的病情和不明来历的药,使得达⽶安开始怀疑母亲召唤⾃己回家的动机。而达米安的疏离和⼼怀秘密也令母亲更想把他留在身边, 正当达米安不知如何是好, 一个住在水壶里的⼥人试图拯救他。

Damien comes back home and runs into the strange neighbor Daisy who takes care of his sick mother. Mother tries to convince Damien to stay home for good but Damien wants to keep his independence. As their conflicts grow unsolvable, a lady inside the kettle appears in Damien's dream and inspires him to discover the"music in the lung".   


Back to Reality

陈小雨  Chen Xiaoyu

加拿大 Canada/2018/8min


It’s been 8 years since Rex and Melody tried LSD. This time the acid trip doesn’t go as they expected. During the journey of running back to reality, the couple starts to re-evaluate the balance of their life, work and dream...



周圣崴 Zhou Shengwei

中国 China/2018/11min


In the prison where female shoes are destined to give birth and forbidden to work, a high heel mother shoe decides to break the rule and rush into danger for the sake of her daughter shoe.


The Abyss




My inspiration is from the novel Us, which was written by Yevgeny Zamyatin, a Russian writer. In this world, no one has his/her own name except a code. Human beings are divided into several levels. Different levels were assigned to different types of work.

The “Fountain” is both the source of energy and the landmark landscape in this city. There are many tall towers like diving platforms near the fountain. People can get closed to the “fountain” here.

This city is always crowded and dark. D-503 lives a regular life here every day…

潘芊羽 Pan Qianyu

中国 China/2018/11min


The Four dimensional Can

李燕宁 Li Yanning

中国 China/2018/10min


In the post-industrial era, human beings request resource from the nature and develop it in a unrestrained way, bringing immeasurable loss, people’s environmental morality have changed too. This film aims to explore and think about the future, conscience and morality of mankind in an exaggerated way. Meanwhile, it makes a warn to people that if pollution and destruction won’t stop, sooner or later human beings will pay for the cost.



王育臣 Wang Yuchen

张墨颖 Zhang Moying

中国 China/2018/23min


This is a story about an offman and an offwoman.Offman has impotence and offwoman has a secret.They have a horrible family life with an unseen child.

Founded in 2017, the Fragaria International Fantastic Film Festival focuses on genre films, including fantasy, sci-fi, horror, triller, animation, cult, etc. It aims to present fantasy films for movie-goers, as well as to create communication platform for genre films and professionals in China and worldwide.