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华语展映 Halo光晕

华语展映单元 /学院短片



COURT-MÉTRAGE scolaire de la chine

​Halo 光晕学院单元是我们从各大院校选出的7部短片作品,构成为一个放映单元。学院一直在充当我们时代短片创作的主力军,他们的创造和热情散发出极大的光芒,而一些优秀的青年创作者更是从学生时代就崭露头角,成为我们时代的未来中坚。

Halo selection is scholastic, young and vibrant. We select 7 short films from film schools in China to constitute 1 sections. Film schools have been playing one of the most important roles of short film production in China for a long time, and moreover, many talented young filmmakers begin their brilliant journeys from their schooltime. They will surely become the pillars of our time.

​“光晕” Halo 第一组


Deep Roots

赵津民 Zhaojinmin

2018 / Drama 剧情/41mins


Winter approaches, film student Zhao returns to hometown Wenzhou with the company of girlfriend Yu, finishing a documentary of him.


A Familiar Stranger

徐伊宁 Yining Xu

2018 / America 美国 / Drama 剧情/15mins

在与父亲度假百无聊赖之际,一位害羞的中国女孩偶遇一位法国女人,两人的邂逅短暂却意义非凡 。

Restless and bored while on holiday with her dad, a shy Chinese girl has a tender and meaningful encounter with a French woman.


Licentia Poetica

谭墨 Tan Mo

2017/ Poland 波兰 / Drama 剧情 / 27mins


Konrad is a student in film school. After giving up the scriptwriting, he would like to be a poet. In the same time he is struggling between the love and the desire. After the rejection of the poem publisher, Konrad is walking on the street in Warsaw, like those people who are fighting for the freedom on the street, drifting with the life.



张墨颖  Moying Zhang

2018 / Experimental 实验/27mins


Ma Juan is a small village where many changes took place. This video used the fragmented way in narration and the exaggerated expression to describe the things, which I saw and I heard, to try to construct a series of history of this village and of own family, the history between imagination and reality.

​“光晕” Halo 第二组


My Poem

张新阳 Xinyang Zhang

2018/ Drama 剧情 / 33mins


A poet's rhapsody of doom.


An Experimental Personal Film about My Past 22 Years

方天宇 Frank Fang

2018/ Experimental Documentary 实验 纪录 / 37mins


A personal film about my past 22 years, pieced together using all kinds of SD, HD, 4K, film materials.


Farewell, Summer Night

黄骁鹏 Huang Xiaopeng

2018/ Drama 剧情 / 39mins


Fang, as an ordinary senior student in a boarding high school, finally got the chance to get contact with his dream-girl Xia through the show for the Coming-of-age Ceremony. During the preparation, he soon realized that his best male friend Han and the female monitor Li got unusual feelings for him. While faced up with the similar pressure from College Entrance Examination, these four interrelated young souls were also experiencing diverse inner growth...