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DU Haibin

DU Haibin




DU Haibin, a documentary filmmaker and a teacher at China Academy of Art, is dedicated to the creation and promotion of documentaries. His documentary works won Horizons Prize for Best Documentary at Venice International Film Festival, among others, Special Mention at Cinéma du réel, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and among others.

纪录片导演,现任教于中国美术学院,一直致力于纪录片创作与推动。纪录片作品曾获得威尼斯国际电影 节地平线单元最佳纪录片奖、法国国际真实电影节评委会特别奖、日本山形国际纪录片节特别奖等诸多 重量级奖项。

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