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WANG Hongwei

WANG Hongwei


Producer / Actor

制片人 / 演员

WANG Hongwei, from Anyang, Henan Province, graduated from the Literature Department of Beijing Film Academy in 1997. In his early years, he appeared in films such as Pickpocket (1998) and Platform (2000) and has remained active on the screen to this day. Now living in Beijing, as the artistic director of his film organization, he is also involved in film planning and production, film festival, education, and training.

河南安阳人,北京电影学院 97届文学系毕业。早年出演《小武》(1998),《站台》(2000) 等电影并持续至今,同时涉猎电影策划监制,影展活动组织和电影教育培训等工作,现居北京,同时也担任一家民间电影机构艺术总监。

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