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国际展映 Mirage 幻景

​国际展映单元 /实验影像




​Mirage 幻景单元 如果说“星云”和“图卷”是循着有趣而绮丽的线索,那么“幻景”单元则可以溯源到最古老的实验电影语法。许多属性难辨的作品在这里获得展示,我们在这里不仅仅看到天马行空,更多的是看到精绝的控制。这些作品更多的是一种跳出日常经营的思维投射,一些作品如充满了令人震惊不已的动静结合,另一些则在现代影像语法和精神纵深之间取得了微妙的平衡……

Mirage Selection presents experimental short films from around the world. This content brings together the shorts with keen awareness and strong presentation of authorship, which are difficult to be categorized under certain genres or styles. Some of the titles in this selection will be combined with art projects in other forms, making them even more tridimensional and vivid.

​“幻景”Mirage 第一组 IM-1



迭戈·马孔 Diego Marcon
意大利 Italy/2018/16min


Around the sleeping bodies, some presences occupy the architecture and move around the space in obscure activities: nothing of their actions is visible to us, except in the fragments in which the image shows itself under the flashlight. Monelle is a circular film without any narrative or hierarchy, without a beginning or an end, and it circumscribes a place of promiscuity and ambiguity between the different formats used—35mm and CGI animation—and the approaches of two opposites film attitudes—the structural cinema and the horror genre.



佐藤友香 Yuka Sato
加拿大 Canada/2017/7min


Film grain fascinates me. Enlarging a photo to its maximum size reveals another world created by the grain. 


Black River Falls

路易斯·克拉尔 Lewis Klahr
美国 USA/2017/7min


Black River Falls was a great pleasure to create as I got to collage images to the music of 2 long term favorites—composer Dick Connette and singer Suzzy Roche. The lucidity and power of the lyrics gave me a great deal of freedom to create a visual montage that complemented and enlarged the dark overview of the town being described. The imagery was culled from a 1930’s encyclopedia that I purchased in a highway rest stop restaurant/used bookstore on the Massachusetts turnpike way back in the early 1980’s. I’ve been looking ever since to find the right context for these images— Black River Falls was worth the wait!


Mata Laya Pata

凯文·武 Kevin Vu
美国 USA/2018/12min


An underachiever takes part in a bizarre women's self-help. Will she succeed?


I Remember Sunderland

菲利克斯·法达尔  Félix Fattal
法国 France/2017/11min


Ian “The Machine” Freeman is a boxer. At every one of his fights, between blows, his mind drifts away to his youthful days, to the origins of his passion and violence.



黄邦铨 HUANG Pang-Chuan
法国 France/2017/20min


This film intertwines two journeys in two different time periods. In the first one, a traveler on the way home picks up tattered memories of the green years along the transcontinental railway from Europe to Asia; While in the other, the life in war flashes back once again through an old family photo. Amid the steady rhythm of the swaying train, the past and the present merge, a long-forgotten memory revealed.


The Visitors

罗伯·卡特  Rob Carter
美国 USA/2017/21min


A stop-motion animation compiled of postcards, photographs and video shot on the Spanish island of Mallorca. This unique island has a long and complex history of natural and human evolution, and is remarkable for its blend of rustic farmland, chic resorts, and grimy low-budget tourism - heavily dependent on British and German vacationers. This work represents the island through the centuries, chronicling its changes and equally temporary visitations. These changes include the impact of mass tourism and natural alterations, such as the common brush fires and the invasive Asian Palm Weevil that has been decimating the palms— icons of beach vacations.

​“幻景”Mirage 第二组 IM-2 


Fever Freaks

弗雷德里克·墨菲 Frédéric Moffet
加拿大 Canada/2017/8min


A detective is hired to find the original copy of a lost ancient book. The book recounts the tale of a plague. A form of radiation, unknown at the present time, activates a virus. The virus affects the sexual and fears centers in the brain and nervous system, fear is converted into sexual frenzies which are reconverted back into fear, the feedback leading in many cases to a fatal conclusion.


Star Ferry

廖沛毅 Simon Liu
美国 USA/2018/10min


Impressions of Hong Kong and Tokyo by day and night shot entirely with a 35mm still camera. Star Ferry is structured between moments of stasis and frenetic movement, drawing out tensions between abrupt passages forward past neon signs and LED advertisements to quiet observations of personal rituals.


Am A Monster

唐吉·德·东代尔 Tanguy De Donder
比利时 Belgium/2017/17min


Is it a memory? A nightmare? An image, a sound from some other time? An unknown man tells the story of the past life of a woman. But all that now remains is the sound of a cigarette burning, the wind in the leaves, and the brouhaha of the city of Liège. 


Medium Rare

卢卡·西奥西 Luca Cioci

美国 USA/2018/5min


Analyzing human interaction with objects and their functional and aesthetic presence in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.


Everlasting MOM

艾莉诺尔·娜什姆娅 Elinor Nechemya

以色列 Israel/2017/14min


A daughter's fantasy of her mother, elusively portrayed at her own magical house and garden. The mother's image and voice are deconstructed and assembled again into an intergenerational sonnet, reflecting the everlasting experience of being a woman, in a world of constant feminine evolution.


Let It Be

塔西玛·诺瓦罗 Txema Novelo

墨西哥 Mexico/2017/23min


Déjalo Ser is the story of a Rock Mexican band, who's lead singer is suffering from a lack of inspiration. After a mysterious encounter with a foreign singer (Molly Nilsson), the band embarks with her on a journey to Oaxaca in search of a mysterious psychoactive medicine. A trip inspired by Antonin Artaud exile into Mexico, a search for a primitive, deeper and purer reality.

​“幻景”Mirage 第二组 IM-2 


Mountain Plain Mountain

荒木裕 Araki Yu

丹尼尔·雅各比 Daniel Jacoby

荷兰 日本 Netherland Japan/2017/22min


Deepening confusion becomes a delightful experience watching this collaborative film by Daniel Jacoby and Araki Yu. The documentary observes the idiosyncratic sounds and rhythms of Ban’ei, a rare kind of draft horse race that takes place only in Obihiro, Japan. Capturing the behind-the-scenes operations of the race, the film gradually twists itself into a knot as the excited voices of the commentators merge into a frenzy of gibberish.



菲鲁斯·塞尔哈 Feyrouz Serhal

西班牙 黎巴嫩 Spain Lebanon/2017/25min


The football World Cup kicks off today and the people of Beirut are eager for the big awaited event. While life moves on normally in such a day, the signal of the first match seems to be disrupted by strange audio waves. The frustration in the air builds up giving way to a bigger live event.


Grand Canons

阿兰·贝耶 Alain Biet

法国 France/2018/10min


The film is made up of thousands of drawings of everyday objects done by the artist. Superimposed, condensed, multiplied, they invade the space. The accumulation, both fascinating and dizzying, takes us on a trip through time.


Black Waves


Joffroy Chandoutis Ismaël

法国 France/2018/21min


An ultra-connected society where waves have invaded almost every space. Three people who are intolerant to electromagnetic radiation testify to their survival in a world that seems increasingly inaccessible to them.



伊曼纽尔·弗拉瑟 Emmanuel Fraisse

法国 France/2018/19min


A monkey dreaming of deers in a empty town and of a ghost who's coming to them.