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厝网膜 Hamlet as Retinae

时间:2017年11月18日 19:30

Time:November 18th, 2017 19:30



Location:Stimulation Research Institution(Yard No.13, HeiZhima  Alley, Dongcheng Dis-trict,Beijing City)



ParticipatingArtists: Feng Chen,Hong Qile,Huang Xi, Wu Juehui,Yuan Keru



“厝”源于闽南语,意指古老的房屋。此次影展设置在老北京的胡同,借由建筑为载体,创作者的影像作品通过剥离了过剩的具象叙事,来实现一次与地缘空间的对话——艺术如何在日常景观里产生公共介入,又是如何透过复合媒介导向一个新感官 (new sensory)的体验场域。观者在与情景影像的交互中,或深或浅的推敲艺术与景观、生灵、自然、造物之间,随意生成的叙事路径。


It is an age of wide entertainment,signs are beyond the real objects, images are more than nature, image-media artis also trying to use a more dazzling sensory aesthetic to re-stimulatepeople’s function of touching the world. The original individualization of screenand spatialization of viewing have gradually faded away from projecting type oftiming sense and walked toward more stereoscopic “ Existing Space”.  

“Cuo”isfrom Minnan Language, it means ancient house. This film exhibition is set up inan old alley of Beijing, and it takes buildings as carriers where the creators’image works can conduct a dialogue with geographical space by stripping excessivefigurative narrative--how art can generate public involvement in dailylandscapes, and how to guide a experiencing field of new sensory throughcomposite media. In the interaction of scene images, audience deliberate thenarrative paths which are generated randomly among art and landscape, livingcreatures, nature, and creations deeply or shallowly  


The Works

月亮 Moon,冯晨Feng Chen,2014


脑波交流 Brainwave Communication,洪启乐Hong Qile,2017


深空探测#1 space project#1,黄曦HuangXi,2012

时间断层 Faultime,吴珏辉WuJuehui,2017


魚人琉璃 Mermaid Glaze, 袁可如 Yuan Keru, 2017


About the Space



激发研究所/Institute for Provocation (简称 IFP)