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杜震谦 Chun Him TO

TO Chun Him graduated from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. His final year project"17 Years" has been nominated and awarded in different film festival, and also invited by Initium Media to cooperate in public screening. In 2020, he completing the TV series "Merry-Christmas" commissioned by RTHK. In 2022, The short film "FLY" was crowned the Silver Award of the “Best Microfilm Production Award” in The 9th Microfilm Production Support Scheme (Music) , and official selection at the MINIKINO FILM WEEK 8, The 20th GwangHwaMun International Short Film Festival, The 28th ifva awards (Open Category) and Beijing International Short Film Festival etc..His newest short film "Overman" premiered at the 2023 Shanghai International Film Festival "Making Waves – Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema" and 27th LA Shorts International Film Festival.

杜震谦毕业于香港城市大学创意媒体学院。毕业作品《若虫知了》入围福尔摩沙国际电影节、全球大学生电影奖等影展。2020 年编导香港电台新导演戏剧系列《浮城絮语》单元剧《凼凼转》; 并于 2022 年凭《蝇》入围香港ifva 独立短片及影像媒体比赛—公开组、峇里岛国际短片电影节及北京国际短片联展等。2023年凭《超人》入围上海国际电影节—光影浪潮香港电影新动力单元及第27届洛杉矶国际短片电影节。



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