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蔡坤宇 Kun Tsai

Director, graduated from Beijing Film Academy, mainly in fields of commercial directing and director of photography. Worked as Script Supervisor in Xu Haofeng’s 1000 Yards. Rest In Peace is his first fiction short film.

蔡坤宇,1997 年出生于福建漳州。本硕均毕业于北京电影学院。日常主要从事广告导演和摄影指导的工作,曾参与《门前宝地》《双生炽爱》等影视剧导演组工作。 《入土为安》是他的第一部剧情短片,目前已入围 New Gen 柏林华语电影节、ISFVF、金马影展等。

Rest in Peace


Rest in Peace
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