Adrien Mérigeau

After studying at the French animation school EMCA, the filmmaker went to work for the Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon on the Oscar-nominated feature films The Secret of Kells (2009) and Song of the Sea (2014), both directed by Tomm Moore. He made his debut film as a director in 2010 with the short Old Fangs. In 2015, he returned to France and began work on his second short film, Genius Loci.

Adrien Mérigeau从法国EMCA动画学校毕业之后,任职于爱尔兰动画工作室Cartoon Saloon,参与Tomm Moore导演的奥斯卡提名动画长片《凯尔经的秘密》和《海洋之歌》的制作。2010年,他导演了自己的第一部短片作品,并在2015年回到法国进行短片《地方守护神》的创作。

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