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Alex Gerbaulet

Alex Gerbaulet is a Berlin based artist, filmmaker and producer. Since 2014 she has been part of the production platform pong film. 2020-21 she was a fellow in the Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme/gkfd. In her artistic work she explores, among other things, the imageability of reality and memory. Her films move between video art, essay and documentary film, between activist impetus and fictionalizing reflection. Her recent films include: THE SLEEPER (2018), as well as DEPTH OF FIELD (2017) and SUN UNDER GROUND (2022) both co-directed with Mareike Bernien.

Alex Gerbaulet现居柏林,是一名艺术家、电影创作者和制片人。2014年以来,一直参与平台电影的制作。2020-2021年期间,为柏林艺术研究资助计划成员。在其艺术作品中,她探索现实和记忆的象性问题。其作品在录像艺术、散文和纪录片之间游走,在激进的动力和虚构的反思间穿梭。最近作品有:《THE SLEEPER》(2018)、《DEPTH OF FIELD》(2017)及《地底太阳》(2022)。(王丹宁)

Sun Under Ground


Sun Under Ground
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