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Guli Silberstein

Since 2000, London-based artist, video editor and lecturer Guli Silberstein creates digital video experiences addressing political, ecological and cognitive unrest by processing personal recordings, found footage, and mixes of both. The works are extensively and consistently shown and win awards in festivals and art events worldwide. Born in Israel (1969), he received a BA in Film from Tel-Aviv University in 1997. Moving to New York City USA and living there in 1997-2002, he received a MA in Media Studies from The New School University. Since 2010, Guli is based and settled in London UK.

从2000年开始,Guli Silberstein是居住在伦敦的艺术家、视频剪辑以及讲师,创作多样的数字视频。通过用个人拍摄、拾得影像,或是两者兼用,来表达政治、生态以及认知。这些作品经常在世界多处展览放映获奖。他于1969年出生在以色列,于1997年在特拉维夫大学获得电影学位。在1997年至2000年间,他搬到了美国纽约居住,并在新学院大学获得了媒体研究的硕士学位。从2010年开始,他定居在了英国伦敦。

Field of Infinity

Field of Infinity



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