Joachim Michaux

Passionate by cinema early in his life, Joachim Michaux naturally chose this medium after his business studies in France and Netherlands. For several years, he worked for a video edition company called Blaq Out, specialized in the diffusion of indie cinema. This experience allowed him to develop a heavy taste for documentary cinema in particular. The American is his first documentary movie.

Joachim Michaux从小就对电影抱有巨大热情。在法国和荷兰完成商科学业之后,他理所当然地选择投身这种媒介。他在一家致力于推广独立电影的影像出版公司Blaq Out工作数年,这段经历使他逐渐形成对纪录影像的喜好。《美国女人》是他的第一部纪录片。

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