Konstantinos Stathis

Konstantinos Stathis was born in Athens. Attended NTUA as a Chemical Engineer and subsequently the School of Film Studies at the Fine Arts Department of A.U.th.
In the years of his studies he directed 5 short films, participating meanwhile in the production of several other shorts, mainly as production manager, but also as DOP, actor and assistant director. More recently, being a member of a wider group of independent filmmakers, based in Thessaloniki, he directed the films, cross/film, Walk and his first feature, the Infeasible Unity.

Konstantinos Stathis出生于雅典,在雅典国立科技大学学习化学工程后,他转去了塞萨洛尼基亚里士多德大学美术系学习电影。在校期间,他执导了5部短片,还参与了其他几部短片的制作,曾经当过制片经理、摄影指导、演员和助理导演。他执导了电影《交/影》,《步行》和他的第一部长片《无法实现的统一》。

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