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Stefano Miraglia

Stefano Miraglia (Málaga, 1988) is an Italian-Spanish artist, curator and writer based in Paris. His activities focus on artists’ film and video. Often composed from diaristic and archival images, his films explore the notion of collage in cinema, combining noise music, photography, documentary and abstraction. His work has been presented internationally in exhibition spaces such as the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (Taipei), Fabrica research center (Treviso), Le dôme (Montbazon), Centrum (Berlin) and in numerous film festivals such as Prismatic Ground, ICDOCS, Vienna Shorts and Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris - where his film Anoche received an award in 2017. His work is distributed by Collectif Jeune Cinéma. Since 2018 he has curated and presented several programs of experimental and artists’ films. Stefano is the founder and principal curator of Movimcat, an online project for the dissemination of artist’s cinema.

Stefano Miraglia于1988年生在西班牙马拉加,现居巴黎,是一名意大利裔西班牙籍艺术家、策展人和作家。 他的活动主要集中在艺术电影及录像。 他的电影通常由日记和档案影像组成,试图探索了电影中有关拼贴的概念,其作品结合了噪音音乐、摄影、纪录片和抽象主义。 他的作品曾在台湾当代文化实验室、特雷维索Fabric研究中心、蒙巴松Le dôme、柏林Centrum等展览空间以及诸如维也纳短片电影节、巴黎实验电影节等展映。在巴黎实验电影节上,其电影《Anoche》 收获2017年大奖。他的作品由Collectif Jeune Cinéma发行。 自2018年以来,他策划并展出了多个实验和艺术家电影项目。 Stefano是Movimcat——用于传播艺术家电影在线项目——的创始人和首席策展人。(申雨夕)

I'll See You Again


I'll See You Again
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