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Thadeusz Tischbein

The Leipzig (Germany) based video artist Thadeusz Tischbein is mostly interested in the strange intersections of history with everyday life. His view of the world often comes without people, although the stories tell of death and long-forgotten details from people's lives. He studied in Bucharest, Leipzig and Braunschweig. His films have been shown at numerous film festivals, including EMAF Osnabrück, IndieLisboa, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, MANIFESTA 12 Palermo.

常驻德国莱比锡的Thadeusz Tischbein是一位录像艺术家,他最感兴趣的是宏大历史与日常生活那些鲜为人知的交叉点。虽然他看待世界的目光并没有聚焦具象的人,其作品讲述的却是人们生命中那些关于死亡的故事和被遗忘的细节。Tischbein曾在布加勒斯特、莱比锡和布伦瑞克求学。 他的一些电影作品也曾在众多电影节上展映,包括德国奥斯纳布吕克欧洲媒体艺术节、里斯本国际独立电影节、斯图加特冬季电影节和巴勒莫欧洲游牧双年展。(申雨夕)

Lines on the Winter Campaign, 1980


Lines on the Winter Campaign, 1980
Land Shape #1


Land Shape #1
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