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Alessandro Novell

Born and raised in Italy, Alessandro Novelli is a creative and animation director workingfor both the advertising world and animated short film industry.After his studies in graphic and digital design he graduates from IED Torino in 2010 and in the same yearhe attends the School of Visual Arts in New York City.He started his career like designer at the NYC' firm Superfad. He moved among different studios both in the EU and USA working on different roles. In 2015 he develops his first short film “The Guardian”, first chapter of his animated short film trilogy “Deconstruction”, followed by “Contact” (2017) and “De Imperio” (2023), last chapter of the series.From 2018 he works as independent Creative and Art Director from his studio Newgold, based in Porto, Portugal, focusing on the intersection between brands and animated short stories.

亚历山德罗·诺维里(Alessandro Novelli)出生于意大利,是一位创意和动画导演。在学习平面和数字设计后,他于2010年从欧洲设计学院毕业。同年,开始在纽约市视觉艺术学院学习。他的职业生涯始于纽约Superfad公司,后来他在欧洲和美国的不同工作室间流动,并担任不同的角色。2015年,他创作了他的第一部短片《The Guardian》,这是他的动画短片三部曲“解构”的第一部,随后创作了第二部《Contact》(2017)和《De Imperio》(2023),这一系列的最后一部作品。自2018年起,作为独立创意和艺术总监,他在位于葡萄牙波尔图的Newgold工作室专注于品牌和动画短篇故事的交汇。

De Imperio


De Imperio
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